Animal Attraction Assured

What is the AAAS Scheme?

The Animal Attraction Assured certification scheme (AAAS) is an annual inspection at a farm park.  It is an optional scheme which audits the animal attraction to ensure they have implemented the Industry Code of Practice to the highest standard.

The Industry Code of Practice outlines how visitors and farm animals should interact on your day out on a farm .  It helps to make your farm day out at attractions with animals and animal activities even safer.

Whilst all farm attractions listed on Day Out On The Farm have a very high level of health and safety, annual inspections at the attractions on the AAAS scheme is an independent check to make sure they have achieved the highest possible health and safety standards of how visitors interact with farm animals during their visit.

What does the AAAS scheme inspection include?

1. The farm attraction provides and maintains adequate hand washing facilities.

2. Clean hot and cold or warm running water is provided.

3. Soap is provided.

4.Visitors are advised to wash their hands before eating or drinking.

5. Cleansing wipes or anti-bacterial gels are in addition to proper hand washing – not as a substitute. 

6. The public are prevented from entering animal pens.

7. Visitors are prohibited from eating and drinking in animal contact areas.

8. Where play or picnic areas are adjacent to animal contact areas, contact with animals is prevented e.g. by double fencing.

9. Staff appreciate risks associated with non hand washing.

10. Adequate information is given to visitors on the risks and controls.

Keep at look out for our AAAS attractions on Days Out On The Farm. They are all marked with the AAAS badge.